How Many Days of Recovery Do You Need to Get The SMILE Procedure

Relex SMILE is a fairly new procedure, much more recent yet more advanced than Lasik eye surgery. This treatment is often quick healing and poses much less chance of complications because there is no flap to worry over. We cover a few of the most basic questions about the Relex SMILE procedure below like how long it takes to get back to work and everything else you love doing.

The first two days after your Relex SMILE procedure

Your Relex SMILE experience will likely be efficient and fast. When you go home after your treatment, you can expect to feel itchiness, watery eyes, and have general blurriness. Upon waking the day after your procedure, you might find that you can go back to work, look at the computer or television for a few minutes at a time, and your surgeon might even clear you to drive after your 24-hour post-op visit.

A week after your Relex SMILE visit

At this point, you will likely be doing just about what you would normally do. You should be back to swimming, hot tub use, sauna trips, and everyday exercise. By the time you reach two to three weeks, you can resume strenuous exercise and extremely physical work because there is no flap to dislodge or worry about getting infected.

Your Relex SMILE procedure will not take you out of commission for very long. Most people take off work for the day of the surgery or schedule it on a Thursday or Friday to take a long weekend, but this is not necessary. Should you have questions about Relex SMILE or any other vision correction treatment, you can call Manhattan Lasik Center at 212-759-9617 for more information or schedule a free consultation.