Get Advanced Lasik Eye Surgery in Edison, NJ

Do you think that Lasik surgery is your chance to get rid of glasses and contacts? Then, you would be right! You have access to revolutionary technologies and techniques with Lasik eye surgery Edison NJ from Manhattan Lasik Center. Our centers can measure the various nuances of  your eye, giving our surgeons a contoured optical map and potential treatment plan.

Leading surgeons

Expertise is what you want when you look for a Lasik eye surgeon. Ours have more than 20 years of experience. We perform thousands of Lasik surgeries each year with more than 100,000 since we opened twenty years ago.

Advanced Technology

At Manhattan Lasik Center, we have two of the most advanced lasers for vision correction in the world. We are the only Northeast provider to have both in our office. The Zeiss VisuMax and the IntraLase iFS 150 Femtosecond lasers allow us to customize your optical results to the degree that was not possible a decade ago. Edison, NJ residents may not realize just how easy it is to get as close to perfect vision as they can.

Exceptional customer service

When you visit our office, we treat you with respect and kindness. Our staff has worked with thousands of Lasik patients over the years. We know how to put someone who is nervous at ease, and we can answer any question you might have at the time. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible. We will guide you through the entire process from financing, plan set-up, aftercare instructions, pre-surgery checks, and more.

Lasik eye surgery Edison, NJ gives residents the chance to live life in a more spontaneous way. Get the year going right by seeing one of our experts to find out how close to perfect we can help you see. Our high-tech offices are available six days a week, so why not call us for a FREE consultation to see what you are missing by wearing contacts at 212-759-9617?