Future of Lasik Surgery

lasik surgery

Lasik surgery is increasing in popularity because of safety and technology innovations in the past decade. Just last year, more than 600,000 people had Lasik eye surgery in the United States. New advancements in customized laser technologies allow surgeons to correct vision problems like myopia affecting individuals of all ages.

Lasik eye surgery improvements provide tailored results

Wavefront custom lasers and 3-D mapping equipment let vision specialists predict the corrections they offer patients who want Lasik surgery. Some of the technology can track eye movements to thousandths of an inch. The precise measurements let doctors make miniscule changes in the shape of the cornea to give patients customized vision correction that can result in perfect or better than perfect eyesight.

Lasik surgery numbers poised to grow in 2017

Awareness and personalized visual results are the two of the most important factors driving the growth of Lasik in the United States. Open PR says that America will account for nearly 40 percent of the market in tailored Lasik surgery. People are looking for more ways to enjoy more freedom, but Lasik eye surgery has more significant benefits like protecting the safety of first responders and police officers. Imagine cops chasing a suspect through a wooded area. A person with glasses could lose them in the dense wildlife causing them to miss the suspect possibly endangering the officer. Lasik surgery eliminates this problem and others with contact lenses.

Lasik eye surgery is growing in popularity because of the safety of the procedure combined with modern advancements in laser technology. Manhattan Lasik Center offers patients the newest treatments in the Lasik surgery industry. With four offices to service New Jersey and New York, patients in the region have access to tailored results that provide the most accurate vision treatments available. To find out more information about ways that Lasik can improve your life, check with our specialists today about scheduling a free Lasik consultation.