Flexible Spending Account (FSA), a Perfect Way to Plan Lasik

lasik surgeryDo you wish you had the extra money to pay for Lasik surgery? Are you tired of constant trips to the eye doctor for new contact prescriptions, replacement lenses or eye infections? We have the perfect solution! Why not save for Lasik eye surgery through your Flexible Spending Account at work?

How to save for Lasik eye surgery with your FSA

Since you can put as much as $2,550 in your FSA, you can figure out how much to take out of each check so that you will have enough money by the end of the year for your Lasik procedure. If you want Lasik eye surgery faster, you can always set the timeline and budget to match three or six months instead. For a six-month timetable, you would want to ask for just over a hundred dollars be placed in your FSA fund each week. By the end of the six months, you will have a significant portion of the money needed to pay for Lasik eye surgery.

Options for Lasik surgery cost

Some employers give you the option to take two more months to use your funds or allow you to let $500 rollover to the next year. The only thing with this situation is that not all employers offer these options, and you cannot take both. You must pick one or the other if both are offered at your place of employment. Many Lasik clinics like the Manhattan Lasik Center offer a variety of methods to pay for Lasik eye surgery like monthly payment plans and inclusive packages.

Having Lasik eye surgery is a decision that will change your life forever. You may think it is an unobtainable procedure, but with careful planning and budgeting, you can use your FSA to get rid of those annoying glasses and contacts. Let us help you make this year the year you have Lasik surgery.