Why Fall is the Best Season for Lasik Eye Surgery?

There are four definitive reasons that we suggest our patients consider having Lasik eye surgery in the fall more often than any other time of the year. Lasik takes a little time to heal from, so it is important to schedule your procedure when it is best for your lifestyle.

Lasik eye surgery in autumn helps you avoid excessive sunlight

Summer months are obviously more sunny than the rest, but winter is also another time of year where the glare can be aggravating to someone who recently had Lasik eye surgery. Our experts suggest that if you are prone to squinting your eyes, then you may want to wait until fall to have your procedure.

Lasik in fall helps you avoid spring allergy season

When you opt for Lasik eye surgery in the fall versus the spring, you can avoid some issues with allergies. When allergies are at the worst, sufferers often rub the eyes. Rubbing the eye after Lasik can dislodge the flap causing problems. Avoiding the issue altogether with a fall surgery time is helpful.

Minimize dry eye issues

Winter brings dry, cold air that makes your eyes water and itch. Big wind gusts, smoke from fireplaces, and the temperature from going out of a warm building into the cold makes you want to rub the eyes. A fall Lasik procedure lets you have Lasik while avoiding the winter issues that could arise.

Better vision for the holidays

Forget about glasses and contacts while shopping in crowded strip malls and shops. Fall Lasik eye surgery helps you get clearer vision before the holidays with no worries of your glasses getting in the way.

Fall is the best season for Lasik eye surgery because you have fewer eye irritants. You can get rid of your glasses before the holiday photos and selfies. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call Manhattan Lasik Center at 212-759-9617.