Facts you Should Know to Overcome Lasik Anxiety

Do you want to have Lasik eye surgery, but fear is holding you back? At Manhattan Lasik Center, we find that the more information a patient has about the procedure, the less they fear the operation. Below we discuss facts to ease your anxiety.

Fact One: Millions of people successfully have Lasik eye surgery each year

Fact Two: Lasik surgery only takes five to fifteen minutes per eye

Fact Three: Lasik eye surgery is painless

Fact Four: 96 percent of patients achieve 20/20 vision or better and are satisfied

Fact Five: Less than one in one thousand people have problems or complications with Lasik

Fact Six: We take care of the worry of blinking with a speculum.

Letting our surgeons ease your Lasik fears

At Manhattan Lasik Center, we understand that an operation on the eyes is a delicate subject with some individuals. Because we have more than 20 years of experience helping people overcome the fears of Lasik eye surgery, we want to offer you a free Lasik consultation where we will explain the process and aftercare instructions in great detail while measuring your eye and going over your health history.

Lasik eye surgery with the leading center in the Northeast

We have experience working with patients from all over the world. Our offices are conveniently located in four locations in New Jersey and New York with openings six days a week for free consultations. We are proud to provide extremely qualified laser vision correction surgeons. Our experts want you to be at ease with your decision to undergo Lasik eye surgery. Our revolutionary offices are equipped with the most advanced technologies to give you the best possible outcome with highly predictable results.

Call MLC at 212-759-9617 to talk with one of our caring staff members. We will set up a free consultation where our friendly surgeons can ease your Lasik fears. Our offices are open six days a week.