Eye Strain – What Not to Do

Are you experiencing trouble with fatiguing eye pain? Do you need a little eye strain relief to get you through the workday? Is zoom your favorite button on your desktop?

Computers and cell phones are causing us to have eye strain

With so many mobile devices, computers, and digital technology to stare at each day it is no wonder that people are having trouble seeing clearly. Eye strain can lead to other issues problems when left untreated. Taking good care of your eyesight now will help you retain better vision into your middle and older age years.

Tips for eye strain relief

  • Choose a good office chair if you work inside
  • Do not hunch forward
  • Keep your mouse within easy reach
  • Sit at an appropriate distance from your computer – arm’s length is standard
  • Refrain from using old glasses and contact lenses
  • Match the brightness of your computer to the room
  • Buy a new monitor

Manhattan Lasik Center can help you with eye strain relief

Do you want to get rid of your glasses? Do you wish you had 20/20 vision? With Lasik eye surgery, you can. Our expert surgeons have precise measuring equipment that will tell them what prescription you will have after your procedure. Our mapping technologies give us a 3-D look at each of your eyes. Accurate measurements and cutting-edge lasers let us provide the ultimate eye strain relief.

Having Lasik can alleviate your allergy symptoms and headaches. We feel that you will love the improvements you get in your quality of life. With all your extra freedom, you can teach others how to avoid eye strain and see better. Remember to use the 20-20-20 tip, and look at least 20 feet away from your device for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes to combat eye strain.