How to Evaluate Lasik Deals or Offers?

There are many things you will want to look at when you see low Lasik prices and deals. For instance, the fine print often shows other costs incurred that you may not realize are additional. Also, how long has your provider been licensed?

Beware of offers that claim below average prices

Prices that seem too good to be true usually get you in trouble. Many Lasik surgery centers get people to set up an appointment by offering extremely low prices. What people find out after signing on the dotted line is that there are finance fees, monthly interest payments, post-operative appointment fees, and more to cover. Who wants to deal with not knowing when the payments will stop racking up?

Check credentials

There is one more big reason that a Lasik eye surgeon might charge very low prices. He or she might be a new surgeon with little experience to gain a large customer base. They may also have older laser technologies and equipment. Using primitive lasers means less cost to set up a new practice. Buying used medical equipment allows many new surgeons to get out there and open an office under their name instead of working for another physician at first, but it comes with the risk of higher complications.

When you opt for Lasik eye surgery at discount prices, make sure you check into all the details of the discount. At Manhattan Lasik Center, our prices are all-inclusive, so you never have to worry about getting hit with unexpected costs. We want you to feel confident in your decision to have Lasik eye surgery. Let us show you why we are named the number one Lasik center in the entire Northeast region by giving you a free tour of our revolutionary temperature controlled operating rooms and a friendly no-strings-attached consultation.