Driving Post Lasik Eye Surgery

Are you worried that you will have to use public transportation after your Lasik eye surgery? Are you afraid that you will need to ride with someone else to and from work after your procedure? Our experts give you the low-down on Lasik surgery recovery including how long it takes to get back to driving post-Lasik.

Most people are back behind the wheel a day or two after Lasik surgery

Typically, Lasik surgery patients are back on their feet and out the door within a short day or so after their procedure. While some cases call for an extra day, it is often at your 24-hour check that you are cleared to go to work and drive wherever you need to go. Your first post-operative check-up gives the surgeon the chance to check out the cornea and see if you are healing correctly. He or she will advise you where to go from there.

Lasik eye surgery care tips for getting back to driving quick

You can help improve the chances that you are back on your feet immediately after Lasik when you choose to eat, sleep, and drink enough fluids before and after your Lasik surgery. The key to quick healing is to follow all the instructions provided by your Lasik eye surgery specialty team. They have seen thousand of these procedures and know how fast people can recover when they do the right things immediately after surgery.

Lasik eye surgery does not keep you from driving for a long time. The closer you follow the instructions from your Lasik surgery specialist, the faster you will get back behind the wheel, and on to your normal activities. Give our expert team at Manhattan Lasik Center a call for more information at 212-759-9617 for a free consultation.