What is the Difference Between Relex SMILE & Lasik Procedure

While the process for Lasik and Relex SMILE are similar, there are a couple of key differences between the two procedures. One is that the healing time is a little different between the two eye surgeries. The surgery is performed in the same fashion, but the access to the corneal tissue is different. Also, the lasers used in the procedures are different.

Relex SMILE procedure costs versus Lasik

Since both procedures involve the use of lasers to change the tissue under the surface layer of the cornea, the pricing structure is very similar between the Relex SMILE procedure and the Lasik procedure. Most Lasik surgery offices charge a little more for the Relex SMILE procedure because it costs the doctors more to use that technology. The cost can vary when there are discounts on Lasik surgery.

Lasik procedure lasers compared to equipment used in the Relex SMILE procedure

When having the Relex SMILE procedure, the surgeon only uses the Zeiss Femtosecond laser to achieve the desired results. With a Lasik procedure, there are several options including the Zeiss Visumax laser, the IntraLase IFS 150, and the Nidek EC 5000 CX3. The Zeiss Femtosecond laser is used in Lasik surgery as well. Some surgeons may use a bladed technology, however Manhattan LASIK Center is a 100% bladeless Center!

How the Relex SMILE procedure is different from the Lasik procedure

There is one main difference between the two optical treatments. In Lasik, a small flap is created in the side of the cornea and peeled back to give the surgeon access to the tissue underneath the top layer. With the Relex SMILE procedure, a small lenticule is removed from the eye to perform the surgery. Because there is no flap in the Relex SMILE operation, the patient heals much faster. You can also get back to things like swimming and rigorous activity sooner.

Deciding between the two surgeries is a choice you and your Lasik surgeon should make together. At Manhattan Lasik Center, our highly skilled surgeons can explain the difference. Call us today at 212-759-9617.