Custom Lasik in Long Island, Vision Correction For Your Eye

Do you know that your eyes are not the same? Each person has a unique eye design, and no two eyes are an exact match. Minute differences make it necessary for super accurate equipment like the VISX Wavescan to map out a three-dimensional depiction of the eyes. These contours let the surgeon design an exact prescription to help patients get perfect vision, in most cases.

How custom Lasik Long Island is different from standard Lasik

Custom Lasik is the same as typical Lasik except there is an additional step. With a custom procedure, the surgeon takes a contoured map of the eye to find minuscule changes that are not detected on a standard eye scan. This in-depth reading gives a more accurate representation of each eye and lets the surgeon program the laser to correct more areas of the cornea. Another advantage of custom Lasik surgery Long Island is that the physician can minimize night vision issues, halos, and glare because of the three-dimensional views. Standard Lasik only corrects for nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness.

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