Should you Consider Lasik as Medical Tourism?

When you think about Lasik eye surgery, do you think about having Lasik as a patient in another country? While medical tourism is a viable option, if you live close to New York or New Jersey, there are some huge reasons that you may want to have Lasik in the U.S.

Is low-cost Lasik worth the risk?

Considering cheaper alternatives is never a bad thing, but buyer beware when it comes to your eyes. While cost saving is a huge thing to think about, so is the quality of the procedure you get. Be sure to check the credentials of each Lasik surgeon on your list to make sure they are licensed and have experience from leading universities and medical centers.

Extremely precise results

Since 2003, top Lasik centers began using wavefront technologies and lasers to tailor Lasik eye surgery results. The CustomVue procedure gives surgeons the ability to provide treatments tailored to the precise differences in each eye with highly accurate equipment. Many patients get 20/20 vision or better with these Lasik options.

Lasik is big medical tourism business in the U.S. because of revolutionary centers like Manhattan Lasik Center

MLC is the region’s leader in Lasik eye surgery. Medical tourism is booming in the Northeast because the center has five of the top lasers in the world. Humidity and temperature controlled surgery rooms, exceptional customer service, quicker healing times, and easy financing options have people coming to New York and New Jersey to experience the MLC difference.

Traveling abroad to get medical care at a cheaper price is an enormous consideration for some. Before you make the decision to leave the country, we invite you to take a tour of our state-of-the-art centers in one of four locations in Paramus and Edison, NJ and Manhattan and Roslyn, NY. For a free consultation, call 212-759-9617.