How to Choose Sunglasses After Lasik?

So, you are planning Lasik eye surgery, but you are not sure what kind of sunglasses would be the best to use when healing. A combination of protective qualities is often the best, according to the experts at Manhattan Lasik Center. Our surgeons explain the benefits of style, size, and protection below.

Lasik eye surgery sunglass types

When you have Lasik surgery, your eyes might be sensitive to light for a few months. Sometimes, this sensitivity is taken care of by using a wraparound style sunglass lens that covers your eye from the front and the sides. A polarized pair of glasses helps reduce glare from the sun. UVA and UVB protection is recommended too. Darker lenses are obviously better at blocking out the light. Your comfort and sense of style are more likely to help you wear your glasses more often, so choose a pair that fits well, feels good, and looks nice.

Lasik surgery tips for aftercare

Protecting your eyes all the time during the healing process after Lasik eye surgery is important to help you heal better and faster. By minimizing the effects of the sun, and reducing the chance of debris getting into your eyes is a priority. Sometimes, the experts recommend buying a few good pairs of sunglasses to fit various weather and light conditions. This way, you can wear your favorite light lens pair on normal days, and use the darker lenses for extra-bright afternoons.

Lasik surgery has temporary effects on the eye, but the good news is that a great pair of sunglasses and regular periods of rest alleviate most of these issues. Our top-ranked Lasik surgeons at Manhattan Lasik Center are ready to help you schedule your Lasik eye surgery so that you can be on your way to better vision. Give our office a call today at 212-759-9617 to find out what kind of sunglasses we recommend for our patients.