Why Should You Choose Our SMILE Procedure?

At Manhattan Lasik Center, we pride ourselves on being a company at the helm of cutting-edge technologies and procedures. Our newest procedure called the ReLex SMILE procedure is a comparable option to Lasik eye surgery. The main difference is that that SMILE procedure creates a small incision to remove tissue instead of a flap-like in traditional Lasik eye surgery.

SMILE procedure basics

This treatment only requires the use of the Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond Laser. The laser is only used for 15 minutes or less. With SMILE, we never have to move you from one laser to another, you sit back and relax while we give you clearer vision with near immediate results. Many patients can read the clock across the room before heading home. By leaving the cornea mainly untouched, you heal even faster than with Lasik.

Flexible scheduling and locations

As local business workers, we understand that you might be in one city one day and then another city or even state the next. With four convenient offices in Paramus and Edison, NJ and Manhattan and Roslyn, NY, we are flexible. Do you need a weekend appointment? We are available on Saturdays, and we have evening hours as well.

More patients qualify for SMILE because of the minimally invasive application

Since the outer cornea is left mostly alone in the SMILE procedure, healing time is much faster with the ReLex SMILE procedure. This option gives many more candidates a chance to get rid of eyeglasses and experience more freedom.

To find out more about the ReLex SMILE procedure, call Manhattan Lasik Clinic at 212-759-9617. Let us help you find out if you qualify for SMILE or another laser vision procedure. Ask about our specials!