How to Care For Your Eyes After Lasik Eye Surgery?

If you are like most Lasik patients, you can see extremely well in the first few days and weeks following your procedure. You may think that following up with the surgeon is a waste of time because you are doing so well, but keeping your post-surgery appointments is more important than you think.

Top reasons for attending Lasik eye surgery follow-up visits

  • To ensure proper healing
  • Minimize side effects, if any
  • Reduce chances of eye disease

Complete healing from Lasik takes three to six months

You may feel like your eyes are done healing following a few weeks of restrictions, but there may be things you cannot see. It is vital to let your Lasik eye surgeon take a look at your eyes to ensure that the cornea flap is healing in a flat position in the proper location. The dryness you often feel might be a sign of dry eye disease or a chronic complication called dry eyes after Lasik. Only a certified Lasik surgeon can tell the difference between normal dryness and symptoms of a bigger problem.

By keeping all of your post-Lasik appointments, you ensure yourself the best vision for the rest of your life. Why take the time to have Lasik eye surgery just to skip out on the aftercare instructions? You will get the best results by following all instructions after surgery and keeping all of your post-Lasik appointments.