Can Smoking Affect Your Lasik Surgery?

Many have brought up questions about how smokers heal after Lasik surgery. Does smoking impact healing? Our experts explain what happens when using cigarettes during the healing process.

How smoking impairs healing from Lasik eye surgery

Smoking causes the blood vessels in the body to contract. This reaction makes it harder for the body to circulate blood. Smoking also suppresses the immune system making it take longer for the body to heal. Lasik surgery is a quick procedure to heal from, but problems occur more often with smokers than non-smokers.

Lasik surgery and dry eyes from smoking

Many patients have problems with dry eyes after a Lasik surgery. This problem is one of the typically short-term side effects noticed by Lasik patients. Smoking decreases tear production even more, causing these problems to become worse over time.

How to encourage better healing following Lasik

  • Quit smoking at least three weeks before your Lasik eye surgery
  • Refrain from picking up the habit for at least two weeks following Lasik
  • Use dry eye drops as prescribed
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Drink extra water for a few weeks after your procedure
  • Keep away from dusty and dirty environments
  • Do not use hair products and makeup until the surgeon approves
  • Take baths to decrease the chance of getting water into the treated eye
  • Always wear sunglasses and protective eyewear
  • Follow all after-care instructions given by your surgeon

Lasik eye surgery is a fast healing procedure that typically has excellent outcomes. Taking care to follow all instructions provided by the Lasik surgery expert is the best way to get top results. No one wants to pay for Lasik eye surgery just to take a chance that problems can happen if he or she does not follow doctors orders. Manhattan Lasik Center has more information at  (212) 759-9617.