Can Lasik Cure Presbyopia

Are you getting older and wondering if there is a Lasik treatment for presbyopia? It is inevitable that we will all undergo the hardening of the lens at some point in our later years. These changes may make it difficult for you to see far away and close up, so what can you do to see without the need for glasses that mask your style and hide your face?

What opportunities for Lasik treatment for presbyopia exist now?

Since there is no Lasik presbyopia cure, you may be surprised to hear about monovision. This eye surgery allows the surgeon to adapt one eye for nearsighted seeing and the other for looking at things far away. One note of caution for patients that think this idea is the best option is always to try the contact lenses or trial eyeglasses that give you the ability to see what your vision would be like with this treatment before you have it. Lens replacement is another possibility for people who may not qualify for Lasik or PRK.

Is there such a thing as Lasik presbyopia cure?

While there is no Lasik treatment for presbyopia, there are laser vision corrections that surgeons can perform to make vision better. At Manhattan Lasik Center, our specialists use extremely precise diagnostic equipment to get a three-dimensional view of each eye. With advanced technologies, our surgeons can determine which treatment will provide you with the potential  to avoid eyeglasses.

Your ability to see clearly affects your entire livelihood. Our goal at Manhattan Lasik Center is to provide you with information about your eye health and the options you can consider as you age. To find out more about your prescription, or to inquire about laser vision corrections for presbyopia, please call MLC at 212-759-9617. Our consultations are always free, and we are available six days a week.