Can You Fly After Lasik Surgery?

Do you think about Lasik surgery, but you fly a lot and are unsure about how the procedure will affect your habits? With more than 20 years experience providing leading Lasik eye surgery in the tri-state, Manhattan Lasik Center helps you sift through the information to find the answers you need.

Lasik eye surgery is fast healing

When you work in a job that requires you to travel, you are always sorting through contact lens cases and packing supplies to make sure that you can see while working when away from home. With Lasik eye surgery, you can get rid of the fuss, simplify your life, and streamline your work. You may find that you have fewer allergy issues, and that will be a considerable blessing each spring. Because Lasik patients often see better the next day, flying is typically okay after the first post-operative visit following Lasik surgery. An important note to remember is to pack lots of moisturizing eye drops for the flight since higher altitudes can irritate the eye.

Why you should choose MLC for Lasik surgery

  • 20 years experience helping patients globally and locally in New York and New Jersey
  • More than 100,000 successful treatments
  • Harvard and Cornell education and fellowships
  • Advanced Lasik centers with humidity and temperature controls
  • Financing options
  • Corporate discounts and promotions
  • Improved joy in everyday activities
  • More freedom
  • Spontaneous lifestyle
  • Next day recovery
  • Flying the week after surgery
  • Custom Lasik results
  • Six days a week availability
  • Five lasers providing extremely precise treatments

Imagine flying without glasses fogging up and contact lenses drying out on you. With Lasik eye surgery at MLC, you can get the freedom you want. Call us to schedule a free consultation at 212-759-9617 at one of our convenient New York City or Paramus, NJ locations.