What If You Blink During Lasik Surgery?

Is Lasik eye surgery something that you often think about because you are ready to get better vision? Do you wonder what it is like to have someone operate on your eye while you sit in a chair and try to stare straight ahead? What about blinking? Let Manhattan Lasik Center put your mind at ease.

Why you do not blink during Lasik

During Lasik eye surgery, your specialist will put drops in your eyes first. The drops numb the eye and make you blink less often. Then, a thin tool called a speculum is put under the eyelid so that it remains still during the procedure. There is no way that you can cause problems from blinking during Lasik. So, do not worry about messing up the procedure.

Lasik eye surgery with advanced eye tracking technologies

At Manhattan Lasik Center, we only use the leading lasers in the world. We have five top lasers including the NIDEK EC 5000 CX3 that tracks any movement your eyes make within thousands of an inch. The laser has a delay that gives it time to stabilize should you have to sneeze, cough, or shift. Your eyes will move automatically, so tracking technologies are necessary. At MLC, we only use cutting-edge equipment to give you the most accurate results from your Lasik eye surgery.

To check out our offices, or if you have questions concerning Lasik eye surgery, please call us at 212-759-9617. We believe that our 20 years of experience will help put you at ease as we guide you through the MLC experience. Let us help you get the vision you want with Lasik surgery without worrying so much.