Are you Eligible for Relex SMILE?

You probably know that the Relex SMILE procedure is the newest advance in the ophthalmic field. Did you also know that Relex SMILE is preferable to Lasik? Some patients that do not qualify for Lasik can still have the new treatment.

Lasik uses a flap to correct your vision

During a typical Lasik surgery, the physician will create a 20-millimeter incision in the side of the cornea creating a hinge with a flap. The flap opens up the inner tissue of the cornea where the laser makes changes to the curvature of this tissue correcting your vision. While complications are rare, some risks go with this procedure.

How to tell if you are a suitable candidate for Relex SMILE

  • Are nearsighted with or without an astigmatism
  • Older than 21 years of age
  • Have a stable eye prescription
  • Thin or irregular corneas
  • Active in high-contact sports or employment fields

Only an eye expert can determine if you are truly eligible for any laser treatment

At Manhattan Lasik Center, our professional team of Lasik and Relex SMILE providers can help you determine which, if any, laser vision correction is right for you. Finding out what is best requires a thorough eye exam with precise measurements that assess your degree of correction. Using the latest technologies helps our surgeons figure out which surgical treatments may help you and which one will benefit you the most.

At MLC, we want you to know that you are our top priority. We will never offer you a treatment that we do not believe will be right for you. Our goal is to help you see better in the safest possible way. We determine eligibility only after we provide a free, comprehensive pre-operative eye exam.