Alchohol Consumptions Post Lasik

Most Lasik surgery experts recommend that patients wait at least 24-hours before drinking alcohol following treatment. This figure is just a general guideline, and extenuating circumstances can apply. It is best to ask your Lasik eye surgery specialist about your specific situation.

How alcohol affects Lasik surgery

There are three primary ways that drinking can cause issues with your healing that first 24 or 48 hours following your Lasik surgery. The two main ways are dry eyes and swelling. The ability to keep the eye moist after Lasik eye surgery is vital to proper healing. Swelling can cause issues that prevent you from healing as quickly as you can. Drinking too much can cause you not to pay attention to your eye drop schedule or getting water or dust in your eyes. Always take care to avoid excessive alcohol use for at least 24 hours, but know that you can indulge a little at a work function or event the same day too.

Lasik eye surgery tips when drinking alcoholic beverages

Your Lasik surgery technician will advise you to get plenty of water to drink after your vision correction. Resting your eyes as much as possible that first day is helpful. Be sure to drink in moderation only that first week. Give your eyes plenty of breaks away from small screens. Take time to look far away and focus on something in the distance at least three times an hour. Eat a well-balanced meal. Get lots of sleep at night.

Your Lasik surgery will go well if you follow the advice from your team about alcohol consumption. Participating in healthy habits immediately following your surgery is the best way to heal quickly. Enjoy a drink, but let us help you decide when to have the big party by calling 212-759-9617.