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You Don’t Have to Fear from LASIK, Read Why

Do you want LASIK eye surgery? Are you afraid of the procedure for one reason or another? Our surgeons at Manhattan LASIK Center know how scary eye surgery can be… (Read More)

How Soon You Can Resume Normal Activities After LASIK Surgery?

LASIK surgery, like any operation, requires healing and restrictions. Wondering how long until you can enjoy pool parties… (Read More)

Before LASIK – When to Stop Wearing Contact Lenses?

If you are wondering when to stop wearing contact lenses before LASIK, then you are not the only person thinki…(Read More)

What is Epi-LASIK, and How It Works?

Some people are not acceptable as LASIK candidates. These patients might have thin or uneven corneas. People who work in fields where active or rigorous performance is typical may want to opt for Epi-LASIK over LASIK because the flap created in the latter procedure can dislodge with a hard hit to the face. (Read More)

Is LASIK Noticeable?

We often see questions from prospective patients about whether people can see LASIK scars, or if LASIK is noticeable? Seeing visible signs of the procedure are concerns people have when wanting to look his or her best. Permanent changes are important to LASIK patients, so we discuss the answer below.… (Read More)

ReLEx SMILE is Now FDA Approved Procedure for Astigmatism

With FDA approval, 50 percent more people now qualify for the ReLEx SMILE procedure…(Read More)

Pros and Cons of LASIK Eye Surgery

Everyone has heard of LASIK surgery, but most people do not know what it entails. LASIK eye surgery has benefits… (Read More)

How laser vision correction works…

Most laser vision corrections require a flap to be created at the side of the cornea… (Read More)

Choosing the right practice for your Lasik eye procedure

A reputable LASIK eye center like Manhattan Lasik Center employs only the best, most caring people to work in their facility… (Read More)

What is PRK eye surgery?

PRK eye surgery, or photorefractive keratectomy, is a procedure that helps correct the way that the eye reflects light onto the retina… (Read More)

How does Lasik work?

LASIK stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. LASIK surgery requires the use of an excimer laser to change the shape of the cornea… (Read More)

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik is a corrective surgery that affects the way the light refracts in the eye. The procedure can be performed either with a “microkeratome”… (Read More)

How much is LASIK Surgery?

New York and New Jersey residents can get rid of their eyeglasses for less than 100 dollars a month with proven Lasik eye surgery by a qualified surgeon… (Read More)

What is 20/20 vision?

When thinking about 20/20 vision, it is easiest to think of these numbers as distance or the feet from which a person can typically see… (Read More)

What’s the Right Age to Undergo a Lasik Surgery?

Some people may not know that timing is not a problem for most Lasik candidates. Children and teens under the age of 18… (Read More)

After Lasik Eye Surgery – Complete Care

Patients who plan to undergo Lasik eye surgery should begin taking excellent care of themselves several weeks before… (Read More)

How to Find the Best Lasik Surgeon?

The most qualified Lasik surgeon has performed thousands of different laser vision correction surgeries including PRK, LASEK… (Read More)

Health Supplements For Your Eyes!

By taking good care of your body, both before and after you plan to have the Lasik procedure, you give yourself the best chance to stay healthy… (Read More)

PRK Eye Surgery – How it’s Different With Lasik?

PRK surgery gives patients the same results as Lasik. PRK is just as safe as Lasik because it was performed on hundreds of thousands … (Read More)

How Accurate is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Laser vision correction like Lasik eye surgery are considered very safe because they have a 96 percent success rate… (Read More)

What’s the Minimum Age to be a Lasik Candidate?

Although in rare cases, a few children have had Lasik eye surgery, the FDA recommends that only adults have the procedure. Since Lasik is permanent, it is not advised for people who are under… (Read More)

How to Select the Right Lasik Surgeon?

To find the right Lasik surgeon, you will want to check into the credentials of local providers. You want to choose someone who is certified by the American Academy of Ophthalmology or who has FDA approval to perform Lasik surgery… (Read More)

How Should You Prepare For a Lasik Eye Surgery?

Before Lasik, you will want to complete all your preoperative visits and exams so the surgeon has all the information they need. You will want to stop wearing contact lenses for as long as three weeks before your surgery… (Read More)

Lasik Eye Surgery Myths

People often question whether the Lasik surgeon is telling them a tale to get them to sign up for Lasik eye surgery. If you are in good health… (Read More)

Lasik Eye Surgery Checklist

One of the first things you want to do before you undergo Lasik surgery is become well-informed about the process. The next step is to compile a list of questions… (Read More)

Lasik Benefits You Do Not Know About

Many people never realize how bad their allergies have gotten until they experience something like Lasik surgery… (Read More)

Simple Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Eyesight

Have you ever wondered what the experts suggest for eyesight improvement? You are not alone… (Read More)

All You Should Know about Lasik Treatment

Many people believe that Lasik Treatment New Jersey is time-consuming, but this is simply not true… (Read More)

Latest Technological Advancement in Lasik

The newest Lasik technology lets doctors cut a much thinner or smaller flap in the side of the cornea(Read More)

Lasik Benefits You Do Not Know About

Lasik benefits your health by making it easier to go to work or school. It does have many hidden benefits that you should know… (Read More)

Simple Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Eyesight

Many people wish they could spend a few minutes to see what eye surgeons say will help them have better vision… (Read More)

Why You Should Go for Modern Lasik Surgery?

There are many benefits associated with modern lasik surgery, with a quick recovery time it helps you get rid of glasses… (Read More)

Advantages of Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery has several benefits. For one, Lasik eye surgery is cheaper than eyeglasses and contacts in the long run… (Read More)

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Painful?

Lasik surgery is considered painless because the surgeon always numbs the eye before the operation. Any pain or discomfort afterwards should be minimal… (Read More)

Lasik Eye Surgery – Recovery Time

Lasik recovery takes between three and six months, but most people say they see a difference in as little as 24-hours… (Read More)

Astigmatism Treatment by Lasik Surgery

Astigmatism is an abnormal curvature of the cornea. This condition is easily treated by Lasik surgery for most people… (Read More)

Why One Should Avoid Low Cost Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery costs that are listed as low-cost and premium rates may seem appealing until you realize how they get that figure. Lasik eye surgery averages more than $2,000 per eye… (Read More)

Why Choose Lasik Over Contact Lenses?

There are many reasons why you should consider Lasik eye surgery compared to living with contact lenses and glasses for the rest of your life… (Read More)

History of Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery has been around for decades. According to the National Institute of Health, Lasik began in 1948 when Jose I. Barraquer Moner froze part of the cornea before shaping it with a lathe… (Read More)

Modern Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery costs that are listed as low-cost and premium rates may seem appealing until you realize how they get that figure. Lasik eye surgery averages more than $2,000 per eye… (Read More)

Presbyopia Treatment With Lasik Eye Surgery

As we age, so do our eyes. Presbyopia is the name given to this condition. Around age 40, the lens of the eye gets stiffer and less flexible… (Read More)

Celebrities That Had Lasik Eye Surgery

If you are among the millions of people who want to look and feel better by getting rid of your glasses or contact lenses, then you might want to consider Lasik eye surgery… (Read More)

Common Lasik Surgery Terms You Should Know

Before you have Lasik surgery you should do your research on Lasik, but some of the words can be a bit overwhelming because they are not commonly used outside of the process… (Read More)

What it is like to undergo Lasik Surgery?

You are not the first person to have questions about Lasik eye surgery! Lasik surgery does not take a lot of surgical time or recovery time… (Read More)

5 Reasons to Have LASIK Eye Surgery Before Your Wedding Day

You want your wedding day to be perfect? Why not have perfect vision? You will have the clarity, comfort, and freedom to enjoy your special day… (Read More)

What Is the Criteria to be a Good Lasik Eye Surgery Candidate?

Lasik surgery is an effective and beneficial procedure for millions of people each year. Some individuals are better candidates for other types of eye surgeries… (Read More)

Is My Glasses Prescription Strong Enough to Have Lasik Surgery?

If you wear eyeglasses and have considered Lasik eye surgery, then you are bound to have a few questions. What makes a good Lasik surgery candidate… (Read More)

5 Lasik Surgery Alternatives – Are They Worth It?

Lasik eye surgery has alternatives that offer people similar results, but Lasik has several benefits. Consumer Reports says that 80 percent of people who underwent Lasik surgery were happy with the procedure… (Read More)

Uses of Computer after Lasik Eye Surgery

Computer use after Lasik eye surgery mainly follows common sense guidelines. Of course, we know that you will want to check your Facebook and play on Snapchat, but within the first 24 hours after surgery… (Read More)

Is Lasik Good in Your 30’s?

When you are 30 years old, you are ready to live life to the fullest. You have your life planned out, and constantly taking care of your glasses and contacts were not supposed to be a part of the plan… (Read More)

Should you get Lasik in your 20’s?

People in their twenties are ideal candidates for Lasik eye surgery as long as they are past the age of 24 and have a stable eye prescription for at least two full years. Your eyes change from birth all the way… (Read More)

Lasik Eye Surgery in Hoboken NJ

If you live in Hoboken, New Jersey, then you may or may not know that you have access to one of the best Lasik centers in the entire country. Manhattan Lasik Center has provided exceptional quality… (Read More)

Lasik Eye Surgery in Garden City NYC

When you decide that Lasik eye surgery is something that you are giving some serious thought to, then it is equally important to find the best surgeon available for a consultation. The experts at Manhattan Lasik Center… (Read More)

Lasik Eye Surgery in Jersey City

You’re busy, your life is incredibly insane right now, and your glasses are not helping a bit. You want to do things at your speed because you can multi-task with the best. Why let contact lenses or glasses… (Read More)

Lasik Eye Surgery in Edison NJ

If you live in Hoboken, New Jersey, then you may or may not know that you have access to one of the best Lasik centers in the entire country. Manhattan Lasik Center has provided exceptional quality… (Read More)

Correction of Nearsightedness with Lasik Surgery 

Problems seeing things up close or nearsightedness is a common aggravation for many people. Lasik specialists can often fix this issue quickly and nearly painlessly with Lasik eye surgery… (Read More)

Correction of Farsightedness with Lasik Surgery

Myopia is the name for not being able to see things clearly when they are far away. People can have many levels of this condition making it vital to see an experienced Lasik surgery expert to see if you are a candidate for Lasik eye surgery or some other laser correction… (Read More) 

Get Advanced Lasik Surgery in Nassau County NY

Are you contemplating Lasik eye surgery? Do you wonder where you can get the best care from a leader? Our experts have the technology, knowledge, and talent to provide you with the best Lasik experience around… (Read More)

Get Advanced Lasik Surgery in Bergen Country, NJ

Get ready to see the difference that a leader makes when you choose Lasik eye surgery Bergen County locals.  Lasik is a highly safe procedure with a success rate of more than 95% according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology(Read More)

Get Advanced Lasik Eye Surgery in Queens, NY

Are your glasses rubbing you the wrong way? Feeling the pain and pressure of constant contact lens use? Why not consider checking out the leading Lasik Center in New York and the entire Northeast Region? (Read More)

Get Advanced Lasik Eye Surgery in Long Island

Quality Lasik with the most advanced surgical technologies is how Long Island residents get Lasik that improves life and makes things so much simpler. Imagine being able to jump into the pool without hesitation just because you want to have fun… (Read More)

Get Advanced Lasik Eye Surgery in Bronx, NY

Tired of constantly replacing your contact lenses? Worried that you will break another pair of eyeglasses that you cannot afford to replace right now? You are not alone, but our experts at Manhattan Lasik Center can help… (Read More)

Manhattan Lasik Center Articles

Offering Lasik Procedures with Exceptional Results

Manhattan Lasik Center provides their patients with the most advanced Lasik procedures in the New York and New Jersey areas… (Read More)

Are you considering Lasik eye surgery?

Manhattan Lasik Center uses the most advanced Lasik technologies in the industry like the ORBSCAN 2 which captures a contoured, mulit-color map of your eye..(Read More)

Advanced technologies with superior results

Advanced LASIK technology can provide outstanding surgical results and faster healing compared to older technologies..(Read More)

Manhattan Lasik Center – We care for your vision.

Manhattan LASIK Center is a reputable, experienced laser vision correction practice with Board-Certified surgeons from Harvard, Columbia, and Cornell Universities… (Read More)

What it Feels Like to Undergo a Lasik Surgery?

If you are like most people considering Lasik eye surgery to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses, then you think about what the procedure is like… (Read More)

 Is Lasik an Investment Or Expense?

Having Lasik eye surgery is a better solution for people that have nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism than other visual aids… (Read More)

Get Advanced Lasik Surgery in Union City, NJ

People living in Union City, NJ may or may not realize that they have access to one of the most advanced Lasik centers in the entire Northeast region… (Read More)

Get Advanced Lasik Surgery in Fort Lee, NJ

Residents of Fort Lee, NJ have the best Lasik equipment on the market at their disposal. Bladeless lasers give patients quicker healing time and much more accurate results… (Read more)

Get Advanced Lasik Eye Surgery in Brooklyn, NY

Considering Lasik eye surgery Brooklyn? You have access to one of the leading Lasik centers in the entire Northeast region at Manhattan Lasik Center… (Read more)

How to Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome

People who use computers for several hours a day are subject to a condition called computer vision syndrome… (Read More)

Improve Your Night Vision with Custom Lasik

You read the recent articles about optical news and Lasik eye surgery. Maybe you have come across stories warning people about issues with night vision after Lasik(Read more)

Get Advanced Lasik Surgery in Alpine, NJ

Manhattan Lasik Center is known as the leading Lasik eye surgery expert for cities like Alpine, NJ since 1998. With offices in Paramus, high-quality vision care is easily reached by people living in Alpine, Paterson, and Englewood. (Read More)

Get Advanced Lasik Surgery in Upper Saddle River, NJ

When having a procedure like Lasik eye surgery, you want the foremost leader to do the operation with the most advanced treatments, right? You would prefer to get Lasik … (Read More)

Get Advanced Lasik Surgery in Franklin Lakes, NJ

Paramus residents have an invaluable optical leader in their midst. Manhattan Lasik Center services… (Read more)

Why You Need Eye Checkups

Regular eye exams are an important part of protecting your vision for the rest of your life. Many things can affect your eyesight… (Read More)

Lasik Surgery Review: What to Expect

Before Lasik, patients visit Manhattan Lasik Center to get their eyes examined, talk about what procedures they are a candidate for… (Read More)

Lasik Surgery & Military Personnel: What You Need to Know

Most military members are used to hearing that Lasik is not an approved procedure or that it is not accurate enough for the armed forces to use, but that information could not be farther from the truth. NASA has conducted and researched several studies … (Read more)

Get Advanced Lasik Surgery in Ridgewood, NJ

Paramus residents have an invaluable optical leader in their midst. Manhattan Lasik Center services the Ridgewood, NJ areas providing the top Lasik service in this part of the country. Our experts have decades of… (Read More)


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