How Much Does LASIK Surgery Cost?

While having your vision corrected can be priceless, the cost of LASIK eye surgery is often a factor in the decision-making process.

In fact, the selection of the appropriate LASIK surgeon, the selection of the best-suited technology, and LASIK eye surgery cost are the three most common components to a patient’s final decision on where to have the procedure performed.

While cost is an understandable patient consideration, beware of low LASIK fees that are advertised online, on the radio, and in newspapers. In reality, LASIK eye surgery costs vary based on the experience of the surgeon and the technology that surgeon uses. Generally speaking, the cost of LASIK surgery ranges from $1500 to $3000 per eye. This range in pricing is for the most advanced, bladeless method of performing the surgery which incorporates wavefront technology for optimal visual outcomes with the least amount of risk for the patient.

To make laser eye surgery costs manageable, many LASIK practices offer 12 or 24 month, interest-free financing which can make the month payments less than a monthly utility bill. Further, there are plans available that can spread out payments over the course of three, four, and even five years, often making the monthly payments less than $100 per month.

When patients have found a surgeon they feel comfortable with, at a price they feel comfortable with, the following questions should be answered prior to having the LASIK procedure:

  • 1. What does this laser eye surgery cost include?
  • 2. Are Pre-operative and Post-operative visits included in the LASIK fees?
  • 3. Are all laser manufacturers fees should be included in the LASIK fees?
  • 4. Are potential “enhancement” procedures included in the cost of LASIK surgery?
  • 5. Exactly what technology is included in the LASIK eye surgery cost?
  • 6. Is the initial consultation included in the overall cost of LASIK surgery?

In addition to what is included in the price for laser vision correction, you may also want to ask:

Once you have selected a LASIK surgeon with whom you feel comfortable at price you find reasonable with reputable technology being used, and have had all of the above questions answered appropriately, you can feel at ease moving forward with laser vision correction.

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