Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK is a procedure that performs a unique correction for each individual.

It employs the VISX Wavescan/Star S4 laser to capture a fingerprint of the eye. This new digital laser vision correction technology identifies and measures unique imperfections in your eye 25 times more precisely than is possible with conventional methods.

For maximum benefits and safety, at MLC, during your Custom LASIK treatment once a thin-¬flap is created utilizing Intralase technology then the laser is programmed with the patient’s digital information generated through Wavefront technology. Custom LASIK can help individuals achieve their best possible vision, typically 20/20 or better.

The benefits of Thin-Flap IntraLASIK are further added to those provided by the advanced Custom LASIK. The thinner flap achieved through Thin-Flap IntraLASIK allows for an increased potential in benefits provided by the new Wavefront Technology. The thick flap that is often created in conventional LASIK could hide or diminish the exact and detailed changes that are needed in wavefront guided treatments. Custom LASIK treatment with Thin-Flap can insure that the wavefront technology is used to maximum effect and provides the best possible results.

WaveScan Map