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Category: Relex SMILE

By now you should know how safe and predictable LASIK New Jersey is since Manhattan LASIK Center is the premier leader in the region. Our surgical center is one of the few in the entire country offering a new procedure called the ReLEx SMILE treatment. This advanced procedure offers many benefits versus LASIK because it is less […]

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SMILE or Not to SMILE? The Relex SMILE is becoming a mainstream vision correction in America because it does not require a flap. People that cannot have Lasik because of thin corneas or extreme nearsightedness can usually have the Relex SMILE procedure. The outcome is the same as Lasik and patients often find that they heal much faster because […]

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Free Consultation for the Relex SMILE Procedure Did you know that Lasik is not the newest laser vision correction on the market? A new technology called the Relex SMILE procedure is quickly gaining popularity. It is much less invasive than Lasik, and our patients at Manhattan Lasik Center are saying that they are healing in weeks instead […]

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